Iaptic is a service for validating and managing your users in-app purchases and subscriptions.

Here's a quick introduction to the features and a general overview of how to integrate our service.


  • Ensures purchase claims made by users are valid by checking the receipt with the various platforms APIs.
  • Pulls or listens for updates related to purchases from the various platforms.
    • subscription renewals, cancellations, refunds, etc.
  • Provides a unified interface to access the status of your user purchases
  • Estimates transaction amounts, automatically convert the amounts to US$.
  • Provides real-time insights.
  • Provides direct access to your customers status and history for support.

Client integration

Iaptic can work from any client platforms, by using the receipt validation HTTP endpoint, but there are more convenient integrations.

Using any of the above options, your app will notify us of any purchase, optionally attaching them with a user identifier. Our server will then validate the receipt and notify your server (if any) of an update to your users purchases.

Client side, you will gain access to all decoded information from the user's receipts (cancellations, expiration dates, acknowledgment status, etc.) that might not be available otherwise.

Server integration

The simplest way is to setup a endpoint on your server to get notified of updates, using a webhook.

On a more complex setup, you can use the provided REST API to get more insights about your customers, purchases, transactions and some statistics.

How to get started?

Open an account and setup your app - we will guide you through the required steps.