Google Play Store Setup

In order to validate receipts for Android, Iaptic require three pieces of information. You can retrieve them from the Google Play Console.

  1. Android Package Name
  2. Android License Key
  3. Android Service Account

The steps below will show you how to retrieve and setup those.

Android Package Name

It’s your bundle identifier, in a form like com.example.myapp

Android License Key

Step 1: Login into your Google Play Console.

Step 2: Select the app your want to enable In-App Purchases for.

Step 3: Open Monetization setup.

Step 4: Copy your license key.

Step 5: Set up in Iaptic’s settings

Android Service Account

Lastly, we have to setup an Android Service account, which will be used to connect to the Google Publisher API. This is required for subscriptions, as this allows to properly detect renewals and cancellations.

It is also important for other types of in-app products, as it allows the service to acknowledge purchases and detect transactions that have been deleted by Google customer service.

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