Apple App Store Setup

In order to validate receipts from Apple, Iaptic requires two pieces of information from your App Store Account.

  1. The iOS Shared Key (or Shared Secret Key), which can be retrieved from App Store Connect.
  2. Your iOS Bundle ID, which you probably know, but can also be retrieved from the App Store Connect.

The steps below will show you how to do the setup for iOS.

Step 1: Login into your App Store Connect account.

Step 2: Select My Apps.

My Apps

Step 3: Select the specific app for which you want to enable In-App Purchase.

Step 4: Check your Bundle ID (just in case), this has to match your Settings in Iaptic’s dashboard.

Bundle ID

Step 5: On the same page, scroll down to App Specific Shared Secret, click Manage.

Shared Secret

Step 6: A pop-up window will appear where you can Generate an App-Specific Shared Secret (or retrieve the existing one).

Step 7: Copy the Shared Secret Key, paste it into your Iaptic’s settings.

Notice: Your app sometimes has multiple valid keys, in that case you can define multiple values separated with a comma. For making requests to Apple servers, iaptic will use the first value in the list.

Iaptic Settings

Step 8: If you are implementing subscriptions, you also have to setup the iOS Subscription Status URL. Check out the related documentation: How to setup iOS Subscription Status URL.